6 martie 2017


Hello, ladies!
Lately I've been writing a lot of inspirational posts, and the reason behind this is that I am trying to change my wardrobe. Last weekend I got rid of half the clothes I had, things that I bought just because they were on sale and they just died in the back of my closet, or things that I loved so much when I saw them, but then realized that they were in fact horrible. Now I'm trying to have a more minimalist wardrobe, with just basic pieces that I can wear on multiple occasions or different outfits.
So next time I'm going shopping, I will have this list with me.

From black basics to bright pink and stripes, I love blazers.
Too cold for just a shirt and too hot for a coat? A cardigan is the perfect choice!
I only have one black kimono in my wardrobe and I love it. They look so chic!
I remember the first jumpsuit I ever had was a denim one when I was a kid and I used to wear it every single day. From sequin jumpsuits to silk, now we have endless options.
Spring might be here, but winter's shadow still lingers around and a good coat can keep you warm and stylish in the same time.
Hope this list will help you and you can find all these items on StyleWe.

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