14 aprilie 2016


Hello, girls!
Today we're gonna talk a bit about glasses. I've been wearing glasses since 9th grade, I remember I had some cute ones with bold black frames and I loved them. But in time, I needed new ones, so here's where GlassesShop.com helped me a bit.
This time I wanted a pair just for looks, not because I needed them, but because they are a cute accessory, so I looked in the cheap glasses section first, just to check out the prices. I found a lot of nice models, really classy and some really colorful, so I ended up picking a classy and stylish pair, just because they match my hair. ^_^ They are really well made and they came in a special case with a cleaning cloth.
You can also find prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses if you need.
And oh, I almost forgot... here's a 50% off code for you, my lovely ladies: GSHOT50

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